Friday, March 30, 2007

A GGood Party...

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This Saturday at Aces, corner of Sutter and Hyde.

...and for the love of god, please tip the homeless guy who does the crazy handstands on the corner!

kiss kiss. bang bang.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I want my fashion phone...

Italian fashion house Prada and South Korean phone giant LG have put their heads together to create this beautiful, must-have gadget...

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the bluetooth headset...

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Unfortunately my fellow fashionistas, this phone will not be available in the U.S. for a while, and when it finally gets here, you'll most likely be biting your nails bloody as your amex gets swiped and slapped with an extra $800.

Oh, the phone game....will it ever end?

visit the website for all the specs and even mini sound bite of the ringtones!

kiss kiss hug hug


Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Opposite Of Sex...

Hello boys and girls!

This is a simple Q&A that I came up with regarding the opposite sex / rules of attraction. I sent the survey out to a few friends and the responses made for quite an entertaining blog post. Given the amount of responses and positive feedback, I will most definitely be conducting these on the regular.

* Sorry to those whose answers I did not post...but there will be a next time, I promise!

P.S. - By popular demand, Mari and I will take the survey as well -- our answers are posted at the very end, so keep reading :)


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... is a designer, typographer and senior partner in The KDU.
Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, he has spent much of the last few years living and working in both New York and Tokyo. He has worked as part of the lauded design firm Graphic Havoc ( GHava ) and is currently the Creative Director of The Royal Magazine and works directly on all KDU Consulting projects. In addition he also Art Directs/Designs for the Couture/Street-Luxury brands: Serum Vs Venom ( SVSV ) and SAVANT.

Please visit for more.

1.) What are the first 3 things that you notice in a guy/girl?

Style ( every little detail counts / down to the bejeweled - airbrushed manicure )

Personality ( everything from ambition to kindness to talent to intelligence to refinement to eloquence to uniqueness )

Body ( Y'all Gurrls just Do what it Do — I saw Eddie Murphy and Lela Rochon in BOOMERANG
at a young and impressionable age - ever since then I could never mess with no bird
with busted feet. I'm also all about some Eyes. Oh, and I almost forgot – booty. )

2.) What are some qualities that you find absolutely ghastly?

Whore'ishness ( Too $hort said "Bitches Need Jesus" back in '94, I've said the same thing ever since. )

Ignorance ( Some gurls just be BASE and choose to stay that way. )

Immorality ( Like Whore'ishness, but on a deeper level — Nah'Mean )

3.) Do you pay attention to a guy/girl's personal style? how important is it to you?

Immensely important. It's not about trendiness nor a gaudy display of brands - but rather
true personal style. Style speaks volumes about the person. Style isn't just about clothes.
It's how about how a girl carries/presents herself.

4.) Is text messaging/myspacing an appropriate form of communication?

yeah - definitely.

5.) What's your idea of a perfect date?

Tokyo -

A mid-afternoon start after a long night of . . .
Shopping and Tea in Aoyama. Then a walk around Omotesando and maybe a kiss in Yoyogi Koen ( the park ) .
Get the girl some new heels at Lanvin in Ginza or maybe some Loboutains at Parco.
( No Lingerie shopping cause Japanese underwear is crazy un-sexy ) Take some Puri-Cura ( photo-booth pics )
Prep for a night out.
Dinner at El Caminito ( best Argentine restaurant in tokyo - who knew ) then to Roppongi Hills
to the top of the Mori Biru. Make-Out on the 57th floor over-looking all of tokyo.
Drinks at this secret lil' bar in Shibuya ( hand carved ice in a glass - yuzu infused liqueur )
Off to some Bangin' party with my peoples.
Proceed to say "Girl, I'll House You". and dance dance dance dance dance .
Grab a Takushi back to the hotel and end up in the Ofuro ( Jacuzzi ) for a long night of . . . .

Buenos Aires - . . .

New York / Brooklyn - . . .

LA - . . .

( * biG kudos and brownie points on the lanvin/loboutin portion...we like, lex, we like! )

6.) Who are your top 3 celebrity crushes? Do you currently have a real life one?

I'm not very focused on any one celebrity. I'm much more intrigued by real girls and the very real things they do.

And Yes / My Real Life CRUSH got me on CRUSH . . .

Benjamin Edgar...

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(pictured right)

...I'm Benjamin Edgar...and my life has been a crazy series of random connections that ended being a really fun life...and I get to live it. True story. However it happened I'm pretty much totally wrapped-up in the 'internet/computer world'...nerd out for sure. I run with my great friends Chuck ( and Virgil ( and as our tag line suggests, we are all totally wrapped up in the internet as a day-to-day thing in our lives, how we earn a living, and how we advance + have fun. Me personally - I make my living of the net doing the whole 'information architecture' thing. And nah man, I'm not a web designer or developer...I can code, but rarely do anymore. I own a couple web-based business, I do a lot of consulting in the supply chain industry, and I play a decent amount of ping-pong. An oh yeah, with all this internet talk...I don't just sit at fact, this is the first Friday I have stayed-in for months. That's why we have Treos/Blackberrys/ we can be on the net at the bar instead of chatting with girls, ha. That's me man...I'm really internet.

1.) What are the first 3 things that you notice in a guy/girl?

Hmm…I might sound superficial on these. (1) A girl with a nice smile…I love a nice smile. A cute one, go easy on the veneers – no Steve Harvey teeth. (2) Cute face with nice hair, I dig the indie type girls – but its really whatever. Like a the whole model cheek-bones, can't go wrong with that. (3) And yes I admit, I like a thin chick.

2.) What are some qualities that you find absolutely ghastly?

Man – cannot stand a drunk girl. Seriously. I’ve dated beautiful girls who act totally different drunk – like 9,000 phone calls and text messages if she is at another spot or something. Worst thing ever, I promise. True story I broke up with my last girl on NYE cause I just couldn’t handle it – I walked her home and tucked her in though. True story. And bad shoes…shoes say so much. More girls should wear flats.

3.) Do you pay attention to a guy/girl's personal style? How important is it to you?

100% I do! It’s probably number 1 for me after the initial visual stuff. In fact, I find myself attracted to girls I normally wouldn’t be after hanging with them and chatting or whatever at a low-key lounge or whatever…and I have dated girls because I dig their personality.

4.) Is text messaging/myspacing an appropriate form of communication?

Texting is totally cool. I mean, you have to balance it you know? Calls are good – in person obviously the best. But yeah, texting is cool cause if I’m running around, in a meeting, traveling, etc. where it’s hard to stop and focus on one thing it’s a great way to stay in touch. Myspace? Not so much man, I can’t really do that – after too much Myspace you feel like you met them on there or something…ha.

5.) What's your idea of a perfect date?

Travel! Like no joke, just jump in the car – or if it works, hop on a plane. Nothing more fresh than being out-of-town with your squeeze. Europe – why not? Islands? Or for me, even just heading down to the lake shore or whatever here in Michigan – we got the best beaches, no joke.

6.) Who are your top 3 celebrity crushes? Do you currently have a real life one?

I don’t really do the whole ‘yo that celebrity is hot’ type thing…it doesn’t feel real you know? They are just characters. But…(1) No idea who she is…but the girl that’s in my favorite movie ‘The Beach’. Wow, that girl…man! With the French accent?! Killing ‘em! (2) I personally find Mandy Moore very attractive – such a pretty face. And that’s all I can think of.

Real life crush? Yeah, I just don’t really do the crush thing – I like to figure out right away if it would ‘work’ with a girl. But there is indeed one girl I chat with on very rare occasions who is kind of out-of-this-world…ha. Super bad.

Heron Preston...

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...I'm a cool entrepreneur that uses to share to the world my love for the following: People + Culture, Travel, Creativity, Networking and Skateboarding. I also work for Naked Communications (, a strategic communications group, and I go to Parsons School of Design.

1.) What are the first 3 things that you notice in a guy/girl?
physical (face and body), personality and style (ie: black fingernails)

2.) What are some qualities that you find absolutely ghastly?
if she has sketchers on, ouch, sad story. bad breath, of course (that will ruin your whole day). thin eyebrows are not ok. i was gonna say camel toe, but that shit is cool. arm pit baby hairs, ladies need to maintain those. im not trying to see prickly hairs when she raises her arm. and i hate going into bathrooms after girls because the ghastly ones are the ones that are in there for about 1 mins taking a pee, and when you walk in after her, it smells how pee should never smell. that gets 5 thizz faces. also, when a female puts too much makeup on her face, to the point where the foundation looks like frosting.

3.) Do you pay attention to a guy/girl's personal style? How important is it to you?
its not important, but if its done right, then i appreciate it. i mean, if im trying to be your friend, you can have the worst style, im still your friend and i have some of those. but if im going to wife you, better be on point. and dont have her coming around my parents with bad style, you can ask alicia how my dad likes to clown people.

4. ) Is text messaging, myspace messages appropriate?
yes, it is appropriate. some people i dont want to talk to on more personal modes of communication, like cell or email. i keep myspace just for the myspacers, texting is ok as well i hate talking on the phone when i really dont HAVE TO. i can get my point across with textos and thats the most important.

5.) What's your idea of a perfect date?
dont matter the place or time, as long as we are both comfortable and so into us that we dont care about anything else, then its official. its best when you can make the best of any situation. and a good sense of humor helps.

6.) Who are your top 3 celebrity crushes? Do you currently have a real life one?
i have a real life crush. we started to crush on the top of paris, and now ive been coming back ever since. actually writing this to you from bordeaux france chilling with her. look to her for what i find dope in a female today. celebrity crushes? not really, i dont sweat celebs. i see them all the time in NYC, they are just like everyone else. im more for the celebrities friend, the girl you dont know about, but is always around the way way doing her thing. the girls you have to constantly ask about like "who is she, what does she do?"...

Ryan Prouty...

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... is a freelance portrait and landscape photographer based in Los Angeles. He recently just moved from San Francisco, after working in the video for the last four years. He enjoys traveling between the two cities, as well as other parts of the world with his camera. He is currently preparing for a year long trip to Haiti and the Dominican Republic to document humanitarian works. (He also dislikes writing in the third person.)

1.) what are the first 3 things that you notice in a guy/girl?
I like to see how a girl interacts with other people - does she gossip? How much does she laugh? how many people does she talk to? how good of a time is she having? i guess pay attention to social skills, and indicators of what type of person she is. And then I probably look at her bum.

2.) What are some qualities that you find absolutely ghastly?
I like a girl who is somewhat subtle - who can go to a bar or club and not be the center of attention. I hate it when a girl hugs everyone in the room like they haven't seen them in 20 years or something. I guess that's being fake or insincere. Sincerity - so hot right now. Also - not possesing common courtesies like being polite/thoughtful/on time are usually deal breakers.

3.) Do you pay attention to a guy/girl's personal style? How important is it to you?
I like when a girl is fashionable, but not so much to a T. Not like predictably fashionable. Bad taste is just as bad though. But I hate when girls wear stupid things just cause other girls tell them its in fashion. Know why you're wearing each thing, and honestly like it. I hate it when girls wear hats. I also hated most SF girl's fashion. It's dirty. It's gross.

4.) Is text messaging/myspacing an appropriate form of communication?
For everyday flirting/plan making/etc. Anything beyond that, no. I hate it when a girl can't do a phone call for anything serious. It's just not polite. It also can feel very junior high very easily.

5.) What's your idea of a perfect date?
Great convo over great food. Leave when they kick you out. Ends with one of those 20 min goodbye kiss sessions. Play air drums by yourself on the ride home with the volume on 11.

6.) Who are your top 3 celebrity crushes? Do you currently have a real life one?
Honestly - looks are great and all, but I can't be attracted to a girl for very long that's lame. I don't think you can be a celeb, unless you've put some serious effort into shameful self promotion - during that process, they've most likely become someone I don't want much to do with. But if someone put a gun to my head... just based on looks... Keira Knightley, Jessica Alba (most of the time) and ummm... I don't know? Eva Mendez? err Eva Longoria? I should just find a third Eva so it's easy to remember.

And finally, our answers....(drum roll)

Marina's anwers...

1.) What are the first three things you notice in a guy/girl?
Obviously first impressions are based on appearances, thus I do pay attention to the way a man looks (I pay particular attention to the smile, eyes, and hands), and the way he’s dressed. Social grace or the lack thereof is something I consider off the bat. Does he say “excuse me,” “thank you,” etc? The way a man carries himself says a lot about him. Is he socially inept; is he cocky, self-involved, and ignorant? If so, than no thank you.

2.) What are some qualities you find absolutely ghastly?
The lack of intelligence often makes me want to mini barf. I enjoy lengthy discussions and as much as I love hearing myself speak, what I would love more is to be involved in a dialogue. Lack of motivation is just as bad. Finally, dirty fingernails and ugly feet are grotesque.

3.) Do you pay attention to a guy’s/ girl’s personal style? Is it important to you?
Whoever says that it isn’t important is a liar…first impressions are based on the assessment of looks and personal style. I find that a man’s style is a reflection of his originality, or the lack thereof. So yes, it is important. Please no flashy Versace shirts or Jesus sandals. As my bestie likes to say, “Hello to the no!”

4.) Is text messaging/myspacing an appropriate form of communication?
Sure…as long as the message does not contain anything serious suitable for a phone or in person discussion, i.e. breaking up with someone over myspace or e-mail is not ok!

5.) What is your idea of a perfect date?
Waking up to breakfast in bed in a villa overlooking the Amalfi coast, followed by a long walk on the beach, followed by a make out sesh in the sand (I love Hollywood kisses!) Then off to Positano to do some shopping, while eating strawberry gelato, followed by a make out sesh! Then flying to Paris for a romantic dinner full of lengthy discussions over the derivation of words, a bottle of Stags Leap cabernet sauvignon, never-ending gazes into each other’s eyes, strawberries covered in chocolate and stupid jokes, all the while a Frenchman serenades us with “besame mucho.” Dinner will be followed by dancing near the Champs-Elysees. The night will end with, of course, a make out sesh!

6.) Who are your top 3 celebrity crushes? Do you currently have a real life one?
Al Pacino, “he’s like a Chanel suit. He’ll never go out of style!” George Clooney, no explanation necessary. Gregory Peck, he was the epitome of chivalry, style, and “manliness.” My current crush would include any admissions director at a law school, ha-ha just joshin, no real life crushes yet.

Cherrie's answers...

1.) What are the first 3 things that you notice in a guy / girl?
Not really a new development here, but shoes are HUGE with me. The next guy I see sporting a crispy new pair of Pierre Hardy sneakers will automatically win a date with me by default. Superficial? Absolutely. But frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.
I’m really big on humor. I have a tendency to make a lot of jokes and it’s such a turn-on when a guy has the intelligence, wit, and confidence to not only make me laugh, but to let me laugh at him. People definitely don’t give comedians enough credit – it takes a lot of complex elements to come up with a perfect joke.
Sincerity is elementary but so hard to come by these days….which makes it an even hotter commodity.

2.) What are some qualities that you find absolutely ghastly?
If you act cocky around me, be prepared for a very long and dramatic eye roll. Every man should have a certain amount of swagger in his step, but when you’re constantly bragging about your car/job/clothes/friends, etc., I will most likely be nodding my head and mentally balancing my checkbook at the same time.
Bad breath is bad news. For the love of God, PLEASE, invest in some gum.
Any man who thinks chivalry is dead. Because it most certainly is not!!! Every girl notices when you open the door for her….and please, don’t even think about letting her pay for dinner.

3.) Do you pay attention to a guy / girl’s personal style?
Yes, of course. I love a really clean, simple look…I once dated a guy who took longer to get ready than I did…needless to say, it was over before it even started.

4.) Is text messaging / myspace an effective form of communication?
Myspace? Not so much…But I love texting….with all the talking I do, sometimes it’s nice to get really simple things across without opening my mouth.

5.) What’s your idea of a perfect date?
I think a perfect date can happen anywhere at any given time of the day. As long as there’s chemistry…but definitely a lot of talking and walking…and wine!

6.) Who are your top 3 celebrity crushes? Do you currently have a real life one?

Hugh Grant always makes me smile -- his self - effacing humor completely kills it! game over...Daniel Craig in Casino Royale - not my standard type, but he is impeccable in this movie. Oh, and Conan O'Brian is one sexy beast.

As far as real life crushes? I currently have two -- to be continued i guess...


Hope you enjoyed it!

x to the o


Thursday, March 15, 2007

The World's Most Expensive Bag.

Made by Louis Vuitton, this monstrosity of a bag is constructed from 15 LV purses of past fame along with "rare feathers" and bits of alligator skin. Dubbed the "Tribute Bag", this baby can be yours for a mere $42,000 - and of course, there are a measley 20 available for purchase.

My personal opinion? HELLO TO THE NO. This bag to me represents conspicuous consumption to the fullest. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the beautiful draping of a $3000 Yohji coat or the sleek organic curvature of a $700 Brian Atwood peep toe, but if I had a spare $42,000 lying around, believe you me I would not be buying THIS. This bag gives fashion a really, really bad name. Sorry for the hater post, but it had to be done.

p.s. -- come saturday, there will be a really fun survey up! come and see...